Blog | New Hope on the Horizon? The Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and the European Union's Struggle Towards a Diplomatic Victory

In her blog, our intern Barbora Volkova discusses the new Franco-German proposal regarding the Kosovo-Serbia disputes. She analyses what this initiative entails and what relevance it may have for the accession negotiations within the European Union.

"It is obvious that the EU’s approach in the past decade is not working. Instead of
creating solutions, the normalisation process fuels nationalist sentiments and
increases tensions between the two countries, as the Dialogue is being used for
aggressive narratives by the political elites of Serbia and Kosovo. Especially the
journey towards EU membership, which slowed down with various EU internal
crises since 2016, is negatively affecting public opinion. It became evident that the
EU cannot use the incentive of EU accession in the Dialog if it cannot credibly fulfil
its promises to deliver results."

The whole blog is available under the PDF button. 


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