RECOMMENDATION: National Convention on the EU: Programme of the Presidency Trio France - Czech Republic - Sweden

We bring you a summary and recommendations resulting from the roundtable discussion of the National Convention on the EU held on 1 October 2021. The recommendations were prepared by Zuzana Kasáková.

Five recommendations of the National Convention in the EU:

1. The Czech Republic should promote priorities such as the internal market, digitalisation, an open and ambitious trade policy, stabilisation of the Western Balkans, internal and external security, multilateralism and a rational climate policy in the trio's common agenda.
2. The Czech Republic should advocate a general formulation of priorities at a level that encompasses the positions of all Trio countries. If this is not possible, these priorities or their specifics should be incorporated into the programme for the national presidency.
3. In order to reduce the uncertainty associated with the impact of the elections on the preparation and performance of the team Presidency, the Czech Republic should continue to strengthen the building of informal relations at working level.
4. The political representation of the Czech Republic should see the Team Presidency as an important part of the Czech Presidency and communicate the Trio's agenda to the Czech citizens and other political actors in the Czech Republic.
5. The Czech Republic should communicate Presidency issues to the public not only in Prague but also in the regions. And link them appropriately with the debates taking place in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The complete document (only in Czech) can be found under the PDF button.

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Zuzana Kasáková
Associate Research Fellow

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