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EU MONITOR: How will CBAM affect manufacturing industries in the Czech Republic?

Katharine Klačanský wrote an article about The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and how it will impact manufacturing industry in Czech Republic.

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COMMENTARIES: State of the European Union address 2021

Experts from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy comment on the State of the Union address (SOTEU) given by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on 15 September 2021.

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The Transatlantic To-Do List: Biden's Progress Report

Last October, the third annual Transatlantic Policy Forum (TAPF) took place virtually. The Forum not only brought together a wide range of experts but provided inputs and interesting takeaways, including recommendations and a Transatlantic To-Do List, which outlined action points on how the US and the EU should approach the given challenges ranging from increased multilateral collaboration to further development of economic and security engagement. A little over 6 months into his administration, our EUROPEUM experts Danielle Piatkiewicz and Miroslava Pisklová have updated their Transatlantic To-Do List and their 100 day’s progress report to reflect on where Biden’s foreign policy stands now over a half a year into the new US administration.

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Policy Brief: A “New” pact on Migration and Asylum? The European migration policy path-dependency

Our intern Agathe Helluin has written a Policy Brief on "A New Start on Migration": this is how the European Commission described the new pact on migration and asylum presented at the 2020 State of the Union speech in September. This new pact undoubtedly captures the expectation that the EU will fully reshape its migration policy by recognising its limits and shortcomings.

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Policy Paper: What climate will the German and Czech elections bring?

In the next Policy Paper, Lucie Vinařská writes about what changes in the fight against climate change may be brought about by the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will take place this autumn both in the Czech Republic and in neighbouring Germany.

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Policy Paper: China vs. US: The Green Energy Race

In her policy paper, Katharine Klačanský, Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, discusses the role of climate in geopolitics and provides an overview of the Chinese and American green investment plan and its implications for the future of fossil fuels.

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BLOG: Overcoming naivety: the protection of the rule of law in a post-pandemic Union

Rose Hartwig-Peillon writes in her blog about the protection of the rule of law in the post-pandemic Union.

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Policy Paper: Topics: Czech 2022 Presidency to the Council of the EU

In his policy paper, our research fellow Vít Havelka provides an overview of the current stage of preparations for the Czech Presidency and specifically elaborates on what topics the Czech Republic could choose as its priorities. Methodologically, the paper is divided into three separate parts, corresponding to three different levels of the program structure: political priorities, triadic priorities, and public service priorities.

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POLICY PAPER: Analysing EU’s Sahel strategies: A civilian approach in the era of pragmatism

In the new Policy Paper Vojtěch Freitag deals with developments in the vast African Sahel region, which are a concern for the European policymakers. His paper presents a recommendation to a specific aspect that remains challenging.

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EU MONITOR: The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and its effects on trade with third countries

Tom Baker wrote an article about The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, which should be one of the policies to green the area of its activity. The paper offers ideas on how best the EU should proceed with the implementation of the CBAM.

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