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Euractiv: V4 mayors are lobbying in Brussels for money from the recovery fund. Does the metropolitan alliance have a chance of success?

For Euractiv, Jana Juzová commented on the efforts of the alliance of mayors of the Visegrad Group to obtain money from the recovery fund for metropolises.

Show more We are sending a prosecutor from the Kuciak case to Europe

Vladimír Bartovic, the director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy commented for the portal on the issues and circumstances concerning the newly emerging European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO), and, among other things, dealt with the issue of its staffing.

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ČT24: European union after the key summit

Our Vít Havelka commented for ČT24 on the development after the key summit of EU leaders.

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Seznam Zprávy: French fries, photos like from a school trip and scolding Macron. Behind the scenes of the summit

Vít Havelka commented on the European summit for the Checkpoint series, a podcast from Seznam Zprávy.

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Rádio Slovensko: EU leaders agreed on recovery fund

n Tuesday's (July 21st) broadcast of Rádio Slovensko, the director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, commented on the topic of the recovery fund, the form and division of finances which were agreed upon by the leaders of the European Union member states after the Special European Council.

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Deník N: Babiš praises one of the best gifts. The Czechia will receive more from the EU, subsidies for Agrofert do not have to be capped

Our Vít Havelka commented for the article in Deník N on the topic of the amount that the Czech Republic can expect from the European budget for the next seven years.

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ČT24: Recovery Fund for EU countries

On Tuesday, July 21, our research fellow Vít Havelka was one of the guests of the television broadcast called 90’ ČT24. The topic of his comment was the Recovery Fund and also the questions of what criteria the Czech Republic must meet in order to achieve the financial help from it.

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ČRo Plus: Afternoon Plus: Analysis of the Special European Council

The director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, was the guest of the afternoon broadcast of the Czech Radio Plus station on Monday, July 20. In his commentary, he provided an analysis of the special European Council.

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TA3: Director of EUROPEUM V. Bartovic on the EU Leaders' Summit

Even though the leaders of the states of the European Union have already been discussing the issues of the EU budget and the recovery fund many times, the final form of the agreement is still unclear. The director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, presented possible pitfalls and obstacles within the negotiations for the Slovak television station TA3.

Show more Brussels meets Matovič

The Special European Council was the first major foreign policy test for Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič. Vladimír Bartovic, director of our Institute, commented on the topic of challenges and expectations in this regard for the Slovak news portal

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