Policy Paper: Green Transformation: reconfiguration of consumption in Norway and the Czech Republic in a more sustainable direction

Our research fellow Vít Havelka together with Torval Tangeland, Petr Soukup, Nikola Hořejš, and Pål Strandbakken wrote a Policy Paper as a part of the project Green Transformation: Sustainable Consumption and European Single Market policies supported by the Norway Grants in the Czech Republic. In this paper, he compares and identifies knowledge gaps between Czech and Norwegian consumers. He gives an overview of the present situation in both countries, including possible research gaps and describes the unique national contexts and experiences.

In  any  case, should  the  EU meet  its  climate obligation, a radical change in consumer behaviour in nutrition, households and transport is needed. This obviously cannot be  achieved  without  the  cooperation  of the EU’s population. The  EU  and  its  member states will have to develop policies that not only lead to lower greenhouse emissions; they must also be accepted by the population.   

This  is  also  the  background  for  this  research note.  It  should  become  a  baseline  for  further research in consumer behaviour in three areas – nutrition, households and transport. It describes what has already been studied in the Czech Republic and Norway in order to ascertain what knowledge gaps must be filled in order  to  provide  policy  makers  with  a  good overview on how to change consumption among Czechs and Norwegians in a more climate friendly direction.

Policy Paper is written with the support of Norway Grants.

The whole article is available under the PDF button.

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Vít Havelka
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU institutional relations with member states, europeisation, transformation role of EU

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