REPORT: 30 Years of Visegrad: Role of the V4 countries in shaping the future of the EU

The Think-Tank Think Visegrad published a report on the anniversary of the Visegrad Four, its future and its role in the EU. The conference took place on November 22, 2021. Speakers discussed, among other things, the perspectives of the Visegrad countries at the conference and what the future of the Visegrad is.

Firstly, attention was given to the current state of the Conference of the Future of Europe. So far, the topic of climate change has attracted the most attention from all topics covered by the Conference. Importantly, it was also marked that from the very beginning, the European Commission wanted to give freedom to the Member States with regard to the instruments they choose to reach out to the citizens with the aim of encouraging them to participate in the Conference as there is no ‘one size fits all solution to citizens’ engagement in all EU countries.

Read the whole report under the PDF button. 

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