RTVS: Will Serbia and Kosovo be able to continue dialogue after the attack in northern Kosovo?

Relations between Serbia and Kosovo have been worsened by the recent attack in the north of Kosovo. Jana Juzová, a researcher at the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the situation on RTVS.

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BLOG | How can the EU boost the implementation of the Franco-German Proposal? A turning point for Kosovo-Serbia normalisation process

Serbia's refusal to recognise Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence in 2008, is at the root of many problems within the region of Western Balkan. It hinders both countries’ EU membership paths, creates destabilisation in the Balkans, as visible in the recent unrest in northern Kosovo, and hinders regional economic cooperation. Writes our intern from our Brussel's office Costanza Celoria.

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RTVS: Violence in northern Kosovo

Our senior researcher Jana Juzová commented on the escalation of tensions in the north of Kosovo on AKTUÁLNE :24.

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RTVS: Former Kosovo army leadership on trial in The Hague

Our researcher Jana Juzová told RTVS why former Kosovo president Hashim Thaçi is standing trial in The Hague. The indictment of the special Hague tribunal accuses him of committing several crimes during the war for independence.

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INFO.CZ: Serbia and Kosovo at the same table, but without a result. Instead of a solution, the upcoming agreement brought only more questions

After long negotiations, according to the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, on Saturday, March 18, the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo agreed on the final form of the agreement, which is supposed to ensure the normalization of relations between the two countries. Serbia does not recognize the independence of its former province, and relations have further escalated over the past year and a half over a dispute over the recognition of identity documents and vehicle registration plates issued by the two entities. The heated atmosphere in the war-torn region has attracted enormous attention from the US and the European Union, and both sides have invested significant efforts towards calming the situation and formulating an agreement to prevent similar situations in the future.

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RTVS: Normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo

Our senior researcher Jana Juzová presented to RTVS the progress of the negotiations on the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, which are taking place in Brussels.

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ČT24: Negotiations on the settlement of relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Our senior researcher Jana Juzová commented for ČT24 on the opening of negotiations on the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, which are taking place in Brussels.

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Studio ČT24: Negotiations on Serbia-Kosovo disputes

Our senior researcher was a guest on Czech Television's Studio 24, where she spoke about Serbia's current negotiations with Kosovo in Belgrade.

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Blog | New Hope on the Horizon? The Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and the European Union's Struggle Towards a Diplomatic Victory

In her blog, our intern Barbora Volkova discusses the new Franco-German proposal regarding the Kosovo-Serbia disputes. She analyses what this initiative entails and what relevance it may have for the accession negotiations within the European Union.

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Delo: An attempt to consolidate the ranks on the old continent

Head of our Brussels office Žiga Faktor commented on the first meeting of the European political community at Prague Castle for the Slovenian daily Delo. More than 40 European countries, from Armenia and Kosovo to Iceland and Liechtenstein, will take part in the meeting.

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