Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un need the European Union

Tereza Novotná from the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and her colleague published the article "Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un need the European Union" in a prestigious academic journal Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Much ink has been spilled analyzing the surprising turn of events at the US-North Korea Hanoi summit in late February. Accounts differ as to what happened, or which side overstepped first with its demands. At a late-night post-summit press briefing, North Korea sought to make its position abundantly clear: It would give up the nuclear production facilities in the Yongbyon complex in exchange for the lifting of post-2016 UN sanctions. The United States, on the other hand, has insisted on complete denuclearization before giving in on any sanctions relief.

You can read the full article in English on Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists site.

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Tereza Novotná
Senior Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: EU foreign policy, North and South Korea and NE Asia; European External Action Service, EU Delegations; transatlantic relations and trade; EU enlargement and EU institutions; Germany (foreign and domestic politics, particularly in the Eastern parts of Germany).

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