EU MONITOR | The future shift of energy policies in the European Union

In her EU Monitor, Zsanett Gréta Papp discusses the current energy situation in the EU Member States. Where to look for a replacement for gas from Russia? And how will this decision affect the EU's green policy agenda?

According to the Renewable Energy Market launched by the International Energy Agency in May 2022, while renewable energy has great potential to reduce prices and dependence on fossil fuels in the short and long term, could also help to speed up the slow economies slow and rebalance the markets.„

„In order to offer a pathway to a more secure and balanced EU energy market and consistent EU energy policies for the future, the member states need to be more consistent with the EU’s climate goals by being more critical with the energy partners and investments.“

You can read the full article in English using the PDF button. 

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Zsanett Gréta Papp
Research Assistant

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