Report: EU - Pacific talks: EU - ASEAN relations: For better and for worse

If you missed the debate EU - Pacific talks: EU - ASEAN relations: for better and for worse, you can read the report from the debate written by Šárka Váchalová. During the debate these questions were discussed: As tensions with authoritarian powers such as Russia and China amplify, how can the EU and ASEAN partnership remain strong moving forward? What are the areas that the two regions can strengthen given the ongoing geopolitical tug of war?

The strength of the partnership can be measured in economic ties and the fact that EU is ASEAN third largest trading partner can mean only that our partnership is very strong. EU together with ASEAN for example leads policy dialogues, deal with climate change with a green team Europe initiative. EU engages with ASEAN simply because it is necessary for them to be successful and stable.

The full report can be found under the PDF button. 


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