Policy Paper | Trust in the EU in times of crisis: Public perceptions in the Czech Republic in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the Czechs' relationship with the European Union? This topic is addressed in a policy paper by visiting fellow Mare Ushkovska.

"National interests are most often viewed through the lens of economic prosperity and EU approval ratings in the Czech Republic are habitually driven by the state of the Czech economy. Czechs are aware, however, that their national economy has been strengthened by EU membership and, with the Czech Republic being a net beneficiary of the EU budget, their interests are best served by remaining in the EU. While the Czechs might sometimes distrust the EU’s ability to improve their livelihoods, they are equally sceptical of their national government’s capacity to do any better on their own, or their economy doing better outside the EU."

You can read the whole policy paper by clicking on the PDF. 


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