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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is an independent think-tank focused on the European integration process. We conduct original research and organise public activities. We also formulate new ideas and recommendations to improve domestic and European policy.

We organize regular seminars, debates, conferences, workshops and round tables focused on current European topics.
Our long-term projects help to raise awareness of the European Union and strengthen international cooperation.
Our research team publishes articles responding to topics related to European integration and more.


Café Evropa | State of the Union speech by EC President Ursula von der Leyen

We would like to invite you to watch the online State of the Union speech by EC President Ursula von der Leyen. The speech will be streamed online on our Facebook page on Wednesday 13 September at 9:00.

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Summer cinema (ThuleTuvalu) + debate

Institute of International Relations Prague / Institute of International Relations in cooperation with EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Association for International Affairs invite you to the screening of the film ThuleTuvalu, which was presented at this year's One World Festival.

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INVITATION | Café Evropa: What does the EU do for the rights and protection of LGBT+ people?

We cordially invite you to the next debate in the Café Evropa online series, this time on the topic "What does the EU do for the rights and protection of LGBT+ people?". The debate will take place on Wednesday 9 August.

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INVITATION | EU±// Election season in Central Europe - what lies ahead for our region?

We would like to invite you to the next debate in the EU± series, this time on the topic "Election season in Central Europe - what lies ahead for our region?". The debate will take place online on 19 June at 18:00.

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FLEET | Future Leaders Europe Evening Talks 2023

Registration for the third edition of the FLEET project is open!

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Dezinfo Czech

Even in the Czech Republic we can find a wide disinformation undergrowth that makes it difficult to know where the truth lies. What are the most common narratives around European issues in this country? What do we need to watch out for? At Europeum, we are launching a new project called DezInfoCzech aimed at uncovering the most common disinformation narratives around European topics.

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Discussing Ukraine in V4 mainstream media: The future vis-à-vis European integration

The project assesses the production, distribution and consumption of news on Ukraine’s future vis-a-vis European integration by the V4 mainstream media. The aim is to designate both dominant and marginalized narratives, while also analyzing their impact via focus groups. The findings will be presented to stakeholders in order to improve reporting and increase the audiences’ access to information.

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Third year | Decarbonisation of the Czech automotive industry

The climate team of EUROPEUM is currently delivering the 3rd year of its project focused on the decarbonisation of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. We want to build upon our experience and move this work forward with a more targeted approach. We will focus on three main areas, which we have identified as crucial parts of the puzzle for transitioning to cleaner modes of transport.

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Articles and publications

Report | From Vilnius and Beyond: Unraveling the Strategic Potential of NATO's Nordic and Central Eastern European Allies

Our Research Fellow Danielle Piatkiewicz co-edited a report made in partnership with the Global Policy Research Group. In an era marked by shifting geopolitical landscapes, the Nordic and Central/Eastern European countries hold key strategic positions within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Following the recently concluded NATO Summit in Vilnius, it's clear that the Alliance stands at a crossroads. The summit underscored the importance of member nations harmonizing their aspirations, capabilities, and strategic priorities. The report delves into both past and current policy initiatives to offer insights into the legacy of cooperation and strategic positioning of these nations.

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BLOG | Does Türkiye play well-calculated chess moves on the Western board?

Nilsu Eledağ has written a blog about Türkiye's role in determining Sweden's NATO membership and concerns about terrorism and anti-Islamist movements. Türkiye took a slight turn in foreign policy and now plays a closer game with NATO allies. There could be two reasons behind why Türkiye chose to shift towards the West. Find out more in Eledağs blog.

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BLOG | How can the EU boost the implementation of the Franco-German Proposal? A turning point for Kosovo-Serbia normalisation process

Serbia's refusal to recognise Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence in 2008, is at the root of many problems within the region of Western Balkan. It hinders both countries’ EU membership paths, creates destabilisation in the Balkans, as visible in the recent unrest in northern Kosovo, and hinders regional economic cooperation. Writes our intern from our Brussel's office Costanza Celoria.

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Report | Café Evropa: Turkey after the elections, what direction it will take

On Wednesday, June 7, a debate took place as part of the Café Evropa cycle, on the topic: "Turkey after the elections, which direction will it go?". The invitation to the debate was accepted by Lucia Najšlová, political scientist and author of the book Turkey and the EU: The Politics of Belonging, as well as by Deník N journalist Dominika Píhová and Břetislav Tureček, head of the Center for Middle East Studies at the Metropolitan University in Prague. The debate was moderated by Žiga Faktor, the head of the Brussels office of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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In the media

EURACTIV: Three reasons why the Czech Republic should accelerate the transition to photovoltaics

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity in the world, but the Czech Republic still lags far behind the European average. What are its advantages, and how to speed up its implementation in the Czech Republic as quickly as possible? These are the topics discussed by Jonathan Lyons and Kristína Kráľovská, research associates at EUROPEUM Institute, in collaboration with editor Kateřina Horáková in a new article on

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Monocle | THE GLOBALIST Podcast: takeaways from Kim Jong-un’s extended visit to Russia

Tereza Novotná was a guest on The Globalist podcast in which she commented on Kim Jong-un's extended visit to Russia.

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ČRo Plus: Why is the interest in European issues low in the Czech Republic?

Next year, citizens in all EU countries will vote for a new Parliament. In the Czech Republic, turnout in European elections is usually low. Our Executive Director Martin Vokálek spoke to ČRo Plus about the Czech approach to the European Parliament elections and the key electoral topics.

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Aktuálně.cz: Good, but not very specific. Czechs missed a lot in von der Leyen's speech

The current President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will end her term next autumn. It remains to be decided whether she will run again, but her strong State of the Union speech puts her in an favourable position. Žiga Faktor, director of the EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, commented on the current situation for Aktuálně.cz.

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