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EUROPEUM now has its own podcast commenting on current issues in the European Union - Talking Europe(um)

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Global Go To Think Tank Index 2019

In the annual #GlobalGoToThinkTank Index ranking, issued by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP)
we ranked 2nd in the category of Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe, which places us 1st in the Czech Republic for the third time in a row!

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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is a think-tank that undertakes programme, project,
publishing and training activities related to the European integration process.

We organize regular seminars and debates focused on the current European topics, which are open to the academic community as well as the general public. Furthermore, we organize a number of conferences, workshops and roundtables on specific selected European issues.
We participate in the organization of various long-term projects focused on increasing awareness about the European Union and strengthening of the international cooperation. Among our main projects are the Prague European Summit, an educational competition Europa Secura, a national identity conference CEE Identity and the European Summer School.
Our team of research fellows publishes regular articles responding to some of the most pressing issues related to European integration and more. In the articles section you can thus find the most up-to-date blogs, analyses, reports and policy briefs by our experts.


INVITATION: Café Evropa online: New EU migration and asylum policy - will Europe agree on a common migration management?

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy cordially invites you to another debate from the Café Evropa series, which will take place on Wednesday 4 November from 5:30 PM online on Facebook.

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INVITATION: Prague Climate Talks: Financing the transition to a low carbon economy

We would like to cordially invite you to the debate organized by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague and under the auspices of the UN Information Centre Prague. The debate will take place on Monday, October 26 from 4 to 5.30 PM.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa online: EU's reaction to the latest international issues - how will Europe stand up to the current geopolitical challenges?

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy cordially invites you to another debate from the Café Evropa series, which will take place on Monday 26 October from 6 PM online on Facebook.

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INVITATION: EU± // New pact on migration and asylum

At the very end of September, the European Commission introduced a new pact on migration and asylum. It is a complex package of measures which responds to events of 2015 and 2016 and to the fact that there has been a very little progress made in regard of the migration and asylum policy reform. What exactly does the Commission’s new proposal contain? Will new migration quotas be introduced? Which measures will Czechia like the most and which of them will we criticize again? Our dear guests will answer not only these question during the next debate from series EU± on Wednesday, October 14 at 6:30 PM.

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Prague Climate Talks 2020 – debates about climate change

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Prague Climate Talks project – a platform for high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change. The project will again host a series of debates with experts, professionals from varying relevant fields and the general public.

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Talking Europe(um) – podcast about Europe and the EU

Talking Europe(um) is a podcast which comments on current issues in the European Union. List of episodes, as well as information about where you can listen to the podcast, is in the article.

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Czech Interests in the EU

In May 2020, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, in cooperation with the STEM Institute of Empirical Research (project initiator), the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and Europe in Data portal, launched the Czech Interests in the EU project. It aims to explain to the Czech public how Czechs influence politics in Europe, and to examine whether politicians in Europe really promote Czech interests.

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Europeum and COVID-19

Explore our publications, events and other activities concerning the pandemic and its consequences.

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Articles and publications

State of the Rule of Law in the EU: EU’s limited options against democratic erosion in Hungary and Poland

In her blog post, our intern Aneta Navrátilová discusses the rule of law in the EU with regard to the European Commission Report and the situation in Hungary and Poland.

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POLICY PAPER: How to sustainably finance climate neutrality in the Czech Republic?

In the background article for the debate of the same name from the Prague Climate Talks series (October 26), David Němeček examines how to sustainably finance climate neutrality in the Czech Republic.

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POLICY PAPER: Identifying the EU’s weaknesses in foreign and defence policy: the struggle to become a more effective global actor

Adrian Blazquez's latest policy paper deals with the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). More precisely, he focuses on the aspects of unanimous and qualified majority voting, international security commitments, and common strategic culture of the EU.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: Czech priorities during the presidency of the Council of the EU 2022

Summary and recommendations based on the discussion of National Convention on EU Affairs, which took place on 18 September 2020, regarding the priorities of the upcoming Czech presidency in the Council of the EU 2022, are now available. They were prepared by Zuzana Kasáková, Vladimír Bartovic and Vít Havelka from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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In the media Neverending story of Brexit. The time for concluding a deal is running out

The director of our Institute, Vladimir Bartovic, expressed his position on the current Brexit situation for the and MF DNES servers yesterday. Above all, he commented on whether or not will the United Kingdom be able to conclude a trade deal with the EU by the end of this year.

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ČT24: Negotiations on trade relations between the EU and Britain

The director of our Institute, Vladimír Bartovic, provided a commentary for the ČT24 regarding the negotiation of the terms of trade relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. These negotiations should be concluded by the end of 2020. If this does not happen trade relations will take place under the terms of the World Trade Organization.

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TA3: Summit EU in Brussels

Our associate research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the EU Summit in Brussels, where representatives of member states met to discuss important topics, including future relations with the United Kingdom or the tightening of emission targets for 2030. The commentary summarizes the important points of the summit and the results of the first day of negotiations.

Show more The higher climate goal of the EU has approached, the Czech Republic will no longer block it

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová recently published an article on news portal which deals with the topic of decreasing European emissions. The author responds to the unexpected turn of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in the issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and his support for the European goal.

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