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Our new project to involve citizens in the green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe.

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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is an independent think-tank focused on the European integration process. We conduct original research and organise public activities. We also formulate new ideas and recommendations to improve domestic and European policy.

We organize regular seminars, debates, conferences, workshops and round tables focused on current European topics.
Our long-term projects help to raise awareness of the European Union and strengthen international cooperation.
Our research team publishes articles responding to topics related to European integration and more.


INVITATION: Reunification of Germany from the Czech perspective - public conference in Liberec

We would like to invite you to the debates within the rEUnify project, which will take place on Friday 3 June at the Technical University in Liberec. The event is organised by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Technical University of Liberec.

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INVITATION: Protection of information space, free media and their role in strengthening the rule of law

We would like to invite you to a conference on the protection of information space, free media and their role in strengthening the rule of law, which will take place on 3 June at 13:45 at the European House in Prague.

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Café Evropa online: Hungary and the EU - how are relations between Brussels and Budapest evolving?

We invite you to a debate within the Café Evropa series, this time on the topic "Hungary and the EU - how are relations between Brussels and Budapest evolving?". The debate will take place on 26 May at 17:30 online on our Facebook profile.

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INVITATION: Fair and sustainable future of transport and buildings: Outlook for the Czech Presidency

We would like to invite you to a roundtable on "Fair and sustainable future of transport and buildings: Outlook for the Czech Presidency" on 24 May 2022 at 2 pm via the ZOOM platform. The event is organised by Centre for Transport and Energy and EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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Empowering Serbian CSOs involved in the decarbonization process through the V4 experience

The project focuses on strengthening civil society organizations in Serbia towards more successful advocacy and enhanced participation in policymaking within the area of green transformation with a particular focus on coal phase-out.

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Decarbonization of the Czech automotive industry

After the successful delivery of last year’s project focused on the decarbonization of the Czech automotive industry, the climate team of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy leads its second round. This time, the project aims to use already acquired knowledge, contacts and resources to help create a conducive environment for discussion between the representatives of the industry and the public sector. It will also contribute to our understanding of the decarbonization pathways through evidence-based research. Lastly, the project aims to raise social awareness about the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition of the automotive industry by organizing events and media briefings. This year’s project will be shaped by the Czech Presidency of the European Council in the second half of the year.

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Youth Conference in Prague

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, in cooperation with the European Parliament office in the Czech Republic, is organising the first Youth Conference in Prague for students at Czech middle schools and universities, which will be part of the activities of the conference on the Future of Europe. The conference aims to provide young people with a platform and opportunities to be part of the Europe-wide discussions on the future of Europe.

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Podcasts by EUROPEUM

Podcasts by EUROPEUM offer debates and interviews concerning European topics including projects Prague Climate Talks, EU±, and EU-Pacific Talks. You can find a full list of episodes and information on where to listen to the podcast is available in an article.

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Articles and publications

EU MONITOR: The European Union’s Position Toward Ukraine’s EU Membership

Jakub Ferenčík wrote the EU Monitor on "The EU's stance on Ukraine's EU membership", where he discusses Ukraine's potential membership in the EU. Ferenčík also discusses the process of transitioning to EU membership and compares it to a similar process faced by some other countries, notably Serbia. In his work, the author discusses some of the factors of the transition process, from subscribing to EU values such as "human dignity, freedom and equality" to creating an area of "prosperity and neighbourhood".

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BLOG: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed

Jakub Ferenčík wrote a blog on the topic: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed. In his blog, he writes for example about three reasons why the EU defence strategy has changed or the militarisation of Europe and the future of deterrence.

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PRESS RELEASE: Reducing transport emissions: the Czech used car market offers affordable cars also in the electric vehicle category

Read the press release prepared by our researcher Michal Hrubý based on an analysis he wrote in collaboration with data analyst Šarlota Smutná from Seznam.cz. The press release describes selected findings and data on the used car and electric car market in the Czech Republic.

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Policy Paper: The Future of Energy Poverty: Will the Social Climate Fund be enough for a Just Transition?

Our researcher Katharine Klačanský wrote a policy paper on "The Future of Energy Poverty: Will the Social Climate Fund be enough for a just transition?" in which she mentions, for example, that a just transition to a green economy is one that leaves no one behind.

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In the media

E15.cz: The Brexit deal is in danger of collapse. The dispute between Brussels and London can be settled by the Czechs

Martin Vokálek, executive director of the Europeum Institute for European Policy, commented for E15 on the tense situation between the European Union and the UK in the area of economy and trade. In particular, the problematic region of Northern Ireland and compliance with the so-called Good Friday Agreement. The emergence of new tariff barriers between Britain and the European bloc is thus clearly a real threat.

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ČRo Evropa Plus: Affordable dental care and other ideas. How do Europeans imagine the Union in the forthcoming years?

Our researcher Zuzana Stuchlíková was speaking in the ČRo Evropa plus program about the Conference on the Future of Europe. What will the European Union look like in the coming years?

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EKONOM: The sale of electric cars is starting to take off in the bazaars. There are even cheaper than used petrol cars

Based on the analysis of our researcher Michal Hruby on the supply of used cars, an article was written in Týdeník Ekonom. While new electric cars are becoming more and more expensive, this difference is decreasing significantly for used cars.

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E15.cz: The Germans and the Dutch are looking for a replacement for Russian gas wherever possible. They also want to mine in the North Sea area

The newly announced possibility of gas extraction in the North Sea will not solve the current situation. "In the medium and long term, it is only one of many solutions to diversify resources. But the question is whether it will have a significant impact on the European gas market and European independence." However, raw material extraction projects in the EU must be supported.

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