RTVS: The impact of Donald Trump presidency on the EU

Our director Vladimír Bartovic addressed the issue of Donald Trump presidency and its impact on EU-US relations and the relations with NATO on Rádio Slovensko RTVS.

Our director Vladimír Bartovic was a guest on Rádio Slovensko RTVS on November 8th to address the issue of Donald Trump president-elect of the United States and its impact on the EU and NATO.

The democratic system of government of the United States will not allow Donald Trump to seriously damage relations with the EU in any way. The EU-US relations will mainly be impacted by Donald Trump as a political figure and his personal character, which is arrogant and populist. This will represent a major difficulty for the EU leaders  in terms of negotiations. 

The fact that there are certain sympathies expressed between the leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump may not necessarily be a disaster, because, in a way, this could represent a relieve for the agreement between the US and Russia on resolving the crisis in regions such as Syria and Ukraine.

You can listen to the interview in Czech by clicking on the recording below.


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