E15: EU emission standards will not be enough for China. Beijing is preparing its own rules

The EU countries have decided that the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines will end by 2035 at the latest. Although this is a highly controversial move in the Czech Republic, it is unlikely to be of much significance in the context of the global new car market. The new Euro 7 emissions standard will be the same. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented on this topic.

Today, the battle between automakers is no longer about whether hydrogen or hybrids will be the future of individual mobility, but about who can come up with the most technologically advanced electric car for the most reasonable money. It is important for the Czech Republic to be aware of this trend and to be able to work with it. It is not just about having the ability to develop the most advanced technologies, but also to be able to create a commercial policy that helps domestic manufacturers gain an advantage over their competitors from abroad.

You can read the whole article here.

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Vít Havelka
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU institutional relations with member states, europeisation, transformation role of EU

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