iDNES: Will the Czech Republic increase its influence in Brussels? Pavel and the compatriots working there will help

President Petr Pavel headed to Brussels, where our country has the potential to increase its influence, and the head of state can only help this. In the last year, our country has proven that it can not only point out problems, but also propose solutions. An example is support for Ukraine, writes the head of the Brussels office Žiga Faktor.

"In the last twelve months, the Czech Republic has shown that we can also present proposals for solutions. An example is the Czech support for Ukraine and the attitude towards Russian aggression. From the beginning of the war, the Czech Republic, together with Poland, was one of the most prominent supporters of a quick and tough reaction to Russian aggression and robust aid to Ukraine. This will also be one of the key topics during Paul's visit."

You can read the entire article in Czech on the iDNES website here

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Žiga Faktor
Deputy Director & Head of Brussels Office

Expertise: European integration of Western Balkans, EU enlargement, Slovenian Politics and EU-Turkey relations

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