O novém migračním a azylovém paktu: Hledání solidarity

Kristina Gera napsala blogový příspěvek o novém návrhu Evropské komise týkajícím se migrace.

The crisis revealed a painful problem of the EU – a desire for enhanced cooperation yet having no widely acknowledged system of burden-sharing, leading to certain Member States to unilaterally opt out of approaches rooted in solidarity. This is the main goal of the New Pact – enforcing solidarity. The Dublin System “was not designed to ensure a sustainable sharing of responsibility for applicants for international protection across the EU.” Finally, the European Union has called for a compulsory system across the bloc to manage migration. It was mostly backed up by Germany after fires in Moria camp on Lesbos Island, Greece, where people were forced to move to the worse conditions in a tent city, which appeared to become the final sign for the EU officials.

What is agreeably good, the New Pact is developing more legal access to the EU through a Skills and Talent Package as well as a better regulation of families and children’ acceptance. Subsequently, the Pact regards partnership with third countries from where the main flows go proposed from the perspective of global care aiming at stopping conflicts there, as safety in those countries will stop people escaping. Additionally, it aims at supporting other states hosting refugees, as well as creating economic opportunities close to home for the youth.

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