Týdeník Euro: The far-right and populists are coming to power in Italy

Due to the premature fall of Draghi's government, Italians will go to the polls on Sunday 25 September. At stake, among other things, is how Rome will deal with the €200 billion covid bailout. Our research associate Alexandre Lagazzi has commented on the current situation.

According to estimates last year, up to seven percent of Italian families live below the absolute poverty line. "The current energy crisis and the reverberations of the covida pandemic are still strong themes that continue to divide Italian society. Differing and often contradictory views on how to tackle economic reforms, the hardening of the attitude towards Russia after the aggression in Ukraine or Brussels' support for the Italian economy are the subject of election slogans and the main points of party programmes. Moreover, the fact that Italian politics has been riddled with U-turns over the past four years, and that the current parliament has supported three radically different coalition governments since its appointment - all without Italians going to the polls - has further divided Italians into multiple political camps," Lagazzi says.

 You can find the whole article (in Czech) here

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Alexandr Lagazzi
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Diplomacy, EU foreign policy, Italy, China, International security, Terrorism, Behavioural Economics

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