E15: The new Italian government must continue with reforms. Support for Ukraine in Rome will probably recede

One of our research associate, Alexandr Lagazzi, commented on the upcoming Italian elections for E15. According to pre-election polls, it can be assumed that the right-wing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni will win the elections. However, according to experts, this result could represent a significant risk for the Italian economy, the drawing of contributions from the EU and the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

"It will be a big change compared to the previous stability represented by Mario Draghi's previous cabinet."

​"The European recovery package is conditional on the reforms that the Draghi government successfully carried out for a year and a half. If Meloni does not continue with the reforms, she will get nothing from Brussels. This can negatively contribute to the already emerging economic crisis," warns Lagazzi.

The whole article in Czech is available here.

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Alexandr Lagazzi
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Diplomacy, EU foreign policy, Italy, China, International security, Terrorism, Behavioural Economics

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