TA3: The background of Italian elections

Alexandr Lagazzi commented for TA3 the upcoming general election in Italy.

The Italian parliamentary elections will take place the next Sunday, March 4. How is the more and more heated election campaign going on and what is the main topic of this year's elections campaign. Will Silvio Berlusconi return to the forefront of Italian politics and what role could he have? Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for the Slovak TA3.

Berlusconi is trying to play it on the card of an experienced politician with experience from the previous mandates and tries to be the one in his center-right coalition who would handle M. Salvini's policies at the European level. Berlusconi has recently travelled through Europe and has been trying to accomodate European partners that, in case they would win, he would somewhat moderate the policies promoted by Salvini. For example, the idea of leaving the eurozone and, in general, EU criticism is not in the interests of Berlusconi. Berlusconi is trying to look more like the moderate, and even a European politician, to get more votes in the upcoming elections.

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Alexandr Lagazzi
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Diplomacy, EU foreign policy, Italy, China, International security, Terrorism, Behavioural Economics

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