INVITATION: Café Evropa online: The security situation in Eastern Europe - how much are we at risk?

We would like to invite you to the next debate within the Café Evropa series, this time on the topic "Café Evropa: The security situation in Eastern Europe - how much are we at risk?" The debate will take place on 3 February at 17:30.
What are Russia's intentions in Eastern Europe? If diplomacy fails, is war with Russia a realistic scenario? Is the EU being bypassed on resolving tensions on Ukraine's borders? What exactly is Moscow seeking in relation to the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European states?

Debate guests:

  • Petra Procházková, journalist, Deník N

  • Lenka Víchová, Ukrainianist

  • Marek Ženíšek, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

The debate will be moderated by Kateřina Etrychová.

The debate is organised by the European Commission in the Czech Republic and EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy. The media partner of the debate is Dení The event will be broadcast live online and you can watch the live stream here on Café Evropa. You will be able to join the discussion directly during the debate by commenting below the video.

The Facebook event page can be found here.

The live stream will be available here.

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Kristína Chlebáková
Project Manager

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