The View at 25: Visegrád’s silver anniversary

In celebration of 25th anniversary of Visegrád group collaboration, Polish Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) prepared a publication in which four experts elaborate on questions of V4's future. The Czech perspective was provided by our Head of Research, Martin Michelot.

Authors of this publication are experts from four leading think-tanks from Visegrád group countries:

Martin Michelot   (Europeum Institute for European Policy)

Attila Pomlényi (International Centre for Democratic Transition)

Tomas Strazay (Slovak Foreign Policy Association)

Anna Visvizi (Institute of East-Central Europe)


See the full publication here.

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Martin Michelot
Senior Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: NATO and transatlantic security, European foreign policy and defense, French politics, elections and society, Visegrad Four and Central Europe, EU institutional issues

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