REPORT: Online Expert Exchange: Visegrad perspectives on the "Fit for 55" climate package

On May 20th 2021, Think Visegrad Platform organised a closed roundtable entitled “Visegrad perspectives on the "Fit for 55" climate package”. The meeting was conducted online and was held under the Chatham House rules. The debate focused on the Central and Eastern European countries’ perceptions of the EU 2030 climate targets, establishing at least 55% emissions cut compared to 1990 levels, and the challenges the V4 countries will face when implementing this new target.

If the V4 countries do not commit to green technologies, they will be disadvantaged in the internal market and will lose competitiveness in the long run. In addition, it is important to consider citizens’ perception: according to recent surveys, majority of citizens even in the V4 countries support more ambitious mitigation policies to tackle climate change. Therefore, public opinion should no longer be seen as an obstacle when proposing ambitious environmental policies

You can read the whole article through the PDF button. 

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Žiga Faktor
Deputy Director & Head of Brussels Office

Expertise: European integration of Western Balkans, EU enlargement, Slovenian Politics and EU-Turkey relations

Kateřina Davidová
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU climate and energy policy, environmental protection

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