The Festival of Democracy in Vaclav Havel Library: Migration crisis and Western Balkans - Stability vs. Democracy.

Accept our sincere invitation to the public debate that is part of the Festival of Democracy at Vaclav Havel Library. Our distinguished guests Michal Vít, Zora Hasová, Zuzana Lenhartová will discuss the following topic: "Migration crisis and Western Balkans - Stability vs. Democracy."

We would like to invite you to the event in cooperation with The Festival od Democracy on "The Migration Crisis and the Western Balkans: Stability vs. Democracy" under the Forum 2000 program. The whole event will be on Monday 9th October at 12:30 pm at Vaclav Havel Library.

Confirmed speakers: 

• Michal Vít, researcher, Europeum

Zora Hesová, research analyst, Association for International Affairs

Zuzana Lenhartová, director, Pomáháme lidem na útěku

More information about the event here

The Festival of Democracy in Prague and other cities through the Czech Republic is full of lectures, discussions, exhibitions and many other cultural or educational activities, Festival is involving non-profit organizations, universities and a number of other partners. You can find out more about the entire Festival of Democracy here. More information about the Festival of Democracy on its Facebook page.

We are looking forward to you. 
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Michal Vít
Research Fellow (until September 2018)

Topics: Political parties, National identity, V4

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