The Western Balkan 6 Advocacy Group: The Balkans with a New Communication Strategy Towards the EU

Our Research Fellow Michal Vít joined the presentation of The Western Balkan 6 Advocacy Group (WB6 AG) strategy on December, 19.

The Western Balkan 6 Advocacy Group (WB6 AG) was established in Belgrade on September 29th and signed a memorandum of cooperation on 28th November 2016, in Brussels bringing together six organizations from the Western Balkans region:

  • Institute for International Studies (AIIS) – Albania
  • Foreign Policy Initiative BH (FPI-BH) – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) – Kosovo
  • European Policy Institute (EPI) – Skopje – Macedonia
  • European Movement in Montenegro (EMisM) – Montenegro
  • European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) – Serbia

Michal Vít joined the panel that took place during the presentation of the WB6 AG "Advocacy strategy for the EU integration of the Western Balkans – Guidelines" on behalf of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, one of four partner institutions from the V4 countries. In his speech Michal Vít addressed the importance of Macedonia's approach to the talks with the EU and put emphasis on the need maintain a coherent position on both European and national level.

You can watch Michal Vít's interview for Albanian TV21 here.

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Michal Vít
Research Fellow (until September 2018)

Topics: Political parties, National identity, V4

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