PES 2024 | The EU must cooperate not only militarily, but also to defend itself against cyber attacks from Russia, said Minister Dvořák at the conference

The second day of the Prague European Summit 2024 conference at the Czernin Palace was opened with a speech by Czech Minister for European Affairs Martin Dvořák. He thinks of the enlargement of the European Union as crucial. "We have to realize that the enlargement of the EU, our defense and security and the current Central European position are interconnected," he said.

"The region that has not been given the emphasis it deserved, because its integration did not seem like an urgent issue. For years, the progress towards accession has been painstakingly slow, if not stagnant. I am not naive to think that this was only caused by our neglect." - Czech European Affairs Minister Martin Dvořák on EU enlargement to the Western Balkans

The press release on the speech by Minister Dvořák and the statement by the German State Minister for Europe and Climate Anna Lührmann can be found under the PDF button. 


The detailed conference programme can be found here.


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