TV Nova | Russian Interference in European Elections

Russia has a significant interest in influencing European elections, which raises awareness in the European Parliament. The issue of Russia's interference will also be addressed in the plenary session. Measures such as restricting visits to the Parliament building or holding events on its premises are being considered. Nevertheless, member states still play a crucial role in foreign and security policy of EU, as commented Jonáš Syrovátka, a researcher at the EUROPEUM Institute, for main evening news broadcast on TV Nova.

Given the nature of the elections, the main discussion and measures will take place at the level of national states.

You can watch the whole news report here from 17:35.

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Jonáš Syrovátka
Associate Research Fellow

Jonáš Syrovátka studied political science at Masaryk University in Brno. In January 2024 he completed his doctoral studies on ideological currents in Russian politics. Between 2016 and 2022, he worked at the Prague Security Studies Institute think tank, where he focused on disinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theories. He is an Associate Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, focusing on the development of activities dedicated to social resilience.

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