Teď naozaj! | EU elections: Disinformation a euroscepticism

What are the trends in the campaigns for the European elections? What disinformation is circulating in the public space about the European Union? What are the reasons for the strong euroscepticism in the Czech Republic? Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director in the Institute EUROPEUM answered these and other questions in the Czech-Slovak podcast "Teď naozaj!".

I have experience from Poland because I was a correspondent in Warsaw for a while. The approach to the European Union is completely different there than it is here. Despite the fact that the party ruling there for many years, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS), was sharply critical of the European Union, Poles still perceive EU membership as a strategic, fundamental security safeguard for Poland, they still have the historical memory of being attacked by both Germans and Russians. For them, it is simply an axiom that is not debated, even among conservative voters.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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Viktor Daněk
Deputy Director

Before entering the NGO sphere, Viktor Daněk worked for almost ten years as a journalist. During his time with the public service Czech radio, he focused mainly on covering EU affairs. He spent almost five years as a permanent correspondent in Brussels, where he cooperated with other media outlets. Before his career in journalism, he gained experience in the area of marketing and communication in the Česká spořitelna banking group and at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He holds university degrees in Media Studies and International Relations. Viktor Daněk joined the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in October 2023. He continues to be active in the media as a freelancer. His main areas of interest are institutional questions of European integration, globalisation and the EU’s climate and migration policy.

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