REPORT | EU-PACIFIC TALKS: Europe and the Indo-Pacific: Migration and demographic changes

Demographic developments – the “greying” of society – remain an issue across the first world; in Europe, the expansion of the welfare state and elevated standards of services has put increasing demands on productivity to maintain the prosperity that has become an integral part of the societal contract.

All of this was discussed in the next debate of the EU-Pacific Talks series, with speakers Shihoko Goto, Director for Geoeconomics and Indo-Pacific Enterprise and Deputy Director, Asia Program, Wilson Center; Marie Jelínková, Institute of Sociological Studies, Charles University in Prague; Yu Korekawa, Director, Department of International Research and Cooperation, National Institute of Population and Social Security Research; and Vít Novotný, Senior Research Officer, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies.

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Kristína Chlebáková
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