Report: EU – Pacific Talks: H2 – Hydrogen Hype

David Plhák wrote a report from the EU - Pacific Talks debate on: H2 - Hydrogen Hype. The debate outlined the current state of the hydrogen economy
and its role in the EU, Czech Republic and Japan's efforts to achieve climate neutrality and reduce energy dependence on hydrogen.

Czechia is in many respects similar to Japan in its limited
ability to rely fully on renewables. It is therefore in the interest of Czechia to increase hydrogen
imports and its use in the energy mix. In order to ensure a steady supply of hydrogen the gas
system operators of Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Germany launched in 2021 joined initiative to create a Central European Hydrogen corridor in an effort to create a supply of
hydrogen from Ukraine. Unfortunately, given the Russian aggression on Ukraine, this project
must be stopped, until Ukraine will be free of war again.

The full report can be found under the PDF button.  

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