REPORT | EU – Pacific Talks: EU – Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU, and Russia

If you missed the debate EU - Pacific talks: EU - Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU, and Russia, here you can read the report from the debate written by Tomáš Moudrý. During the debate, it was discussed, for example, that despite the considerable geographical distance, the EU and the Indo-Pacific region are now more interconnected than ever before and both sides are seeking to strengthen their partnership in many areas, with security policy now one of the most important due to many factors.

This debate took place online on Friday 2nd December as a part of expert discussions on the EU´s relations with the Pacific. The guests offered their views on the EU-ASEAN partnership, particularly in which area can EU strengthen its position in the Indo-Pacific reflecting the ongoing war in Ukraine and other geopolitical challenges.

The full report can be found under the PDF button. 

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