The Future of Transatlantic Relations in Light of President Trump

Moving the country in a path of isolation, Trump has diluted European allies’ confidence that the United States is a reliable partner in upholding commitments and agreements.

Our Stephanie Palma wrote a blog evaluating the current state of the Transatlantic partnership. Can the Trump administration damage the long-lasting relationship or is the weakening of this transatlantic bond a longterm trend?

In the eyes of Europe, the recent actions of the President have tarnished his credibility as a leader. In a poll of 36,000 EU respondents, conducted by Bertelsmann Stiftung, President Trump’s approval rate fell from 29% to 23% from March to December of 2017.

A scenario worrying Tusk is the possibility that the hostility of the United States is not a result of one administration, but the first symptoms of the breakup of the Western political community.

The full blog is available here.

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Stephanie Palma
Brussels Office Intern

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