What do the United States mid-term elections mean for Europe?

Our Rachel Warren analyses, in her latest blog, the round of mid-term elections that were just held in the US.

  • The United States midterm elections are heating up, and Europe should pay attention. Recently, the state of Transatlantic relations has been unsteady, and the results from these elections may either cement the current administration’s trajectory, or open up an avenue for the Democrats to act as a check to the Republican policies. Currently, the Congress is controlled by the Republican party.
  • These elections give the Democratic party the opportunity to change this. If the Democratic is able to take control of either house of Congress, it could mean notable changes in the Domestic and Foreign policy of the United States.

Currently, Democratic politicians are unhappy with the decision to pull out of JCPOA. Democrats largely encouraged Trump to remain in the deal, as such an action no doubt places strain on the transatlantic relationship.

Republicans and Democratic alike are bothered by the recent tariffs placed on steel. The choice to injure free trade with US allies citing national security threats was unprecedented and unpopular.

In all, the 2018 midterm elections have a chance of handing some legislative control back to the Democratic party. This outcome is promising due to the apparent desire for something new. This party shift will no doubt mean that there will be more checks on the President’s power.

You can read the whole blog on EurActiv.eu.

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