ČRo Plus | Belgian Presidency

Belgium takes over the EU Presidency from the Spanish. What challenges does Belgium face in this role and how does it plan to achieve its objectives? Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, explains.

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INVITATION | Green Deal and the Energy Crisis in the Czech Information Space

We would like to invite you to a debate on "Green Deal and the energy crisis in the Czech information space". The debate will take place on Tuesday, 17 January from 18:00 to 19:30. The debate will also be available to watch online on the Facebook event page.

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EURACTIV | Sánchez's resigned government will probably manage the EU presidency, betting on small ambitions

The Czechs remember very well what it is like to preside over the EU Council without a stable government. The Spanish, however, have kind of counted on this scenario and their presidency is therefore not very ambitious. Nevertheless, they have to fulfill some important tasks. Read what Jana Juzová, Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, has to say.

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Euractiv: Podcast: thanks to the presidency and support of Ukraine, the Czech Republic has incredibly strengthened its reputation in Brussels, says analyst

The Czech Republic presents itself as one of the leaders in aid to Ukraine, which is affected by Russian aggression, and in the second half of last year it held the Presidency of the EU Council, thus taking important decisions. Our editorial team went to Brussels - the centre of EU affairs - to find out whether this is indeed the case. How has the Czech reaction to the war affected the country's position in the EU-27 or its reputation in the eyes of its international partners? Žiga Faktor, head of the EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, commented on the following topics.

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Policy Paper | 2022 Czech Presidency: A Surprising Success

The second-ever Czech presidency of the EU Council took place in the second half of 2022, a period in which the EU was under considerable pressure following the Russian invasion in Ukraine. What many predicted would be another regular presidency, became half a year of crisis management. Writes Vít Havelka in his Policy Paper called: 2022 Czech Presidency: A Surprising Success.

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Policy Paper | 2022 České předsednictví: Překvapivý úspěch

Historicky druhé české předsednictví v Radě EU se uskutečnilo v druhé polovině roku 2022, tedy v období, kdy byla EU pod značným tlakem v důsledku ruské invaze na Ukrajině. Z toho, co mnozí předpovídali jako další řádné předsednictví, se stal půlrok krizového řízení. Píše Vít Havelka ve svém Policy paperu nazvaném: České předsednictví 2022: Překvapivý úspěch.

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Fórum sociální politiky: Climate policy after a year of energy crisis

Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová focused on developments in energy and climate policy over the past year, defined by the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and rising inflation.

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National Convention on the EU | Recommendation: Evaluation of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU

Our associate research fellow Zuzana Kasáková and our senior research fellow Vít Havelka prepared a recommendation resulting from the round table discussion of the National Convention on the EU held on February 24, 2023 on the topic "Evaluation of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU". The issued recommendations for the Czech Republic include, for example, the use of the positive result of the Czech presidency, its improved image, and contacts for formulating and promoting the long-term priorities of the Czech Republic in the European Union. Another recommendation is that the Czech Republic should ensure adequate security, both personnel and professional, for the awarding of public contracts for the future Czech presidency.

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National Convention on the EU | Background material: Evaluation of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU

Our research associate Zuzana Kasáková and our senior researcher Vít Havelka prepared background material for the Round Table of the National Convention on the EU on the topic Evaluation of the Czech Presidency. Three main questions are put to the Round Table: How successful has the Czech Reublic been in implementing its Presidency priorities? How successful was the Czech Republik in carrying out its presidency in terms of organisation? Has the Czech Republic been successful in promoting its membership in the European Union?

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VOXPOT: The EU, with Sweden at the helm, is heading into uncharted waters. Green Europe and migration solutions on the horizon

At the turn of the year, Sweden took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU from the Czech Republic and will be responsible for leading the Union for the next six months. Although the Swedes have a reputation for being solid and liberal-minded partners, there are concerns about the great unknown because of the composition of their current government. For the first time in history, it is supported by the far-right Sweden Democrats. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka wrote this article for VOXPOT.

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