Visegrad in the EU - How Much Do We Matter? Project Outputs

Two years ago, under the expertise of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy Director Vladimír Bartovic a new project called "Visegrad in the EU - How Much Do We Matter?" was launched. We now proudly present the project outputs.


The project analysed and critically evaluated the track record of the V4 membership in the EU ten years since the accession, by analysing the achievements as well as shortcomings (individual as well as joint) in four crucial EU policy areas. It likewise assessed the potential for future collaboration in these areas by analyzing the V4 countries strategic interests and by assessing the degree of convergence among them.

Project objectives:

  • To analyse in-depth the track record of the V4 co-operation within the EU in major policy areas constituting important elements of its development
  • To analyse the current strategies / interests of the individual V4 countries in the policy fields examined
  • To identify the main points of convergence as well as divergence in the given policy areas
  • To critically evaluate the potential for future V4 co-operation in the given policy areas, including ensuing recommendations for the V4 co-operation

Project outputs:

Four EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy experts focused on individual policy areas evaluated and analysed as part of the project. These are: Institutions and EMU (Vladimír Bartovic), Single market (Ivo Šlosarčík), Fredom, Security and Justice (Věra Řiháčková), External relations (David Král).

You can download all the documents in PDF on the right.


Project was realised in co-operation with:

Foundation Institute of Public Affairs (Poland)

Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Hungary)

Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (Slovakia)

Project was sponsored by:

International Visegrad Fund

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