Debate: 25 years in NATO - What benefits has membership brought for Czechia?

We invite you to a regional debate marking the 25th anniversary of the Czech Republic's accession to NATO, which will take place on Wednesday, April 3rd, at 5:00 PM in the AKORD Cultural House located at SNP Square 1, 700 30 Ostrava-Zábřeh.

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ČT24 | The role of MEPs in the eyes of Czech citizens

Interest in the European Parliament elections remains low, and increased turnout is not expected this year either. The Czech perception of the European Union is partly shaped by political expressions, influencing a rather eurosceptic public perception. Although Czech MEPs have the potential to contribute significantly within the Parliament, the public has only limited awareness of their work and influence. Speculations about future positions within the ECR faction and possible commissioner positions are still premature. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, opened these topics on the evening broadcast 90’ on ČT24.

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EUobserver | Why Mette Frederiksen should be next EU Council President

The end of Charles Michel's mandate as president of the European Council this year comes at a time of seismic — and consequential — geopolitical shifts. Hugo Blewett-Mundy, a non-resident associate research fellow from the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, explains why he views the current Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen as the best fit for the position soon to be vacant.

Show more | Meeting of the Visegrad Group Foreign Ministers

The current format of the Visegrad Group lacks common topics; the group fragmented into two pairs that have different opinions in many areas, particularly regarding the issue of Ukraine. However, the interests of Hungary and Slovakia are not in conflict with others, despite what their leaders claim. The conflict in the Middle East, where the Czech Republic is in the minority in its full support of Israel, was also discussed on this meeting. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the situation within the V4 for TN Live.

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ČRo Plus | Czech government opposition reaction to EU migration pact

The EU Migration Pact has long been the subject of heated debate between the Czech government and the opposition. From the latter there are opinions that it is a monstrous agreement masking refugee quotas or fears that illegal migration will destroy the Czech Republic. But the government says it is a step in the right direction, despite the Czech Republic's abstention in the vote on the pact. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the change of their position for ČRo Plus.

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Seznam Zprávy | "It's cynical." Why ANO party turned the tables in the migration pact debate

In light of the debates on the migration pact, which represents the next step in solving the migration issue, the Czech political scene is once again focusing on this topic. However, Prime Minister Petr Fiala and the head of the opposition ANO party Andrej Babiš criticize the agreement, despite their previous positions. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, spoke in the 5:59 podcast about the change in their opinions, the possible reasons that led to it, as well as the content of the pact itself.

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ANALYSIS | 2023 in Czech public opinion about the EU

What were the trends in the views of the Czech population towards the European Union in 2023? Read the analysis by EUROPEUM Institute Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka.

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Euractiv | More wind, less coal. What are the benefits of wind energy for the Czech Republic?

Coal has been an important part of the Czech economy for decades. As a fossil fuel, however, it is a significant producer of greenhouse gases, especially CO2. Our Research Fellow Jonathan Lyons and Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová write in their commentary about the benefits of decarbonisation and switching to wind energy.

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INVITATION | Resilience of civil society and media In the Eastern Partnership: for Democracy and Inclusivness

We invite you to a debate on civil society and media resilience in the Eastern Partnership, that will take place on 15 June 2023 in Brussels. Whether you attend in person or online, you can look forward to discussions divided into two thematic panels and expert perspectives on the state of civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries of the European Union.

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INVITATION | Migration and Climate in the Czech Republic after the War

We cordially invite you to the presentation of the results of the public opinion and discussion entitled "Migration and climate in the Czech Republic after the war". The debate and presentation will take place in the premises of PKC (Prague Creative Centre) on Thursday, 13 April, at 14:00.

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