ČT24 | The position of the far right in the EU elections

Political analysts and pre-election polls predict a strengthening of the right or far right after the European Parliament elections in June. The success of the populists may be due to a change in priorities among younger voters. This group may feel overlooked and disadvantaged compared to older generations. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented on this issue.

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Horizont ČT24 | Immigration centre in Albania

A large-scale immigration centre is to be operational in Albania from August. Rome is building it to take illegal migrants intercepted at sea out of its territory until the asylum process is completed. Critics say the plan is unfair to migrants because it will disproportionately prolong their stay in the European Union when they are assessed. Is this an effective solution or is it just part of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's election campaign? Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented for Horizont ČT24.

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Horizont ČT24 | Imigrační centrum v Albánii

Od srpna má v Albánii fungovat rozsáhlé imigrační centrum. Řím ho staví, aby nelegální migranty zachycené na moři převezl mimo své území dokud neproběhne azylové řížení. Podle kritiků je plán vůči migrantům nespravedlivý, protože v Evropské unii při posuzování jejich pobyt neúměrně prodlouží. Jde o efektivní řešení nebo je to jen součástí předvolební kampaně italské premiérky Giorgie Meloniové? Pro Horizont ČT24 komentoval zástupce ředitele Institutu EUROPEUM Viktor Daněk.

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ČT24 | Is there growing interest among young people in European politics?

According to the Eurobarometer survey, 91% of young people aged 15-24 believe that participation in European elections is important. How does this attitude translate into practice? Does this mean that there will be an increase in voter turnout among young people? What advantages and opportunities does the European Union offer to younger citizens? Can Brussels effectively explain the benefits of EU membership to young people? These are the questions addressed by Klára Votavová, a research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, for the Horizont programme on Czech TV.

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ČT24 | The fight over who will be the face of the European Union

In an interview for ČT24, Viktor Daněk explains the rivalry and complicated relationship between Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen.

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ČT24 | Veto power in the European Union: a brake or a guarantee of compromise?

The veto in the European Union gives power to Member States and guarantees the principle of compromise solutions. But what can it mean for the future vision of an enlarged Union? Žiga Faktor, deputy director and head of our Brussels office, discussed this topic in an interview for Horizont 24 on ČT24.

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RTVS | The European Union enlargement

European Commision has recommened the start of accession talks with more candidate countries and the topic of EU's enlargement is once more high on the priority list. In what time horizon will these countries be able to become full members? And will it be even possible to bring new states to the table before full-scale reforms that could change the EU we know today? The director of our Brussels office Žiga Faktor has commented on the issue in an interview with RTVS.

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VOXPOT: The EU, with Sweden at the helm, is heading into uncharted waters. Green Europe and migration solutions on the horizon

At the turn of the year, Sweden took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU from the Czech Republic and will be responsible for leading the Union for the next six months. Although the Swedes have a reputation for being solid and liberal-minded partners, there are concerns about the great unknown because of the composition of their current government. For the first time in history, it is supported by the far-right Sweden Democrats. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka wrote this article for VOXPOT.

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Blog | New Hope on the Horizon? The Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and the European Union's Struggle Towards a Diplomatic Victory

In her blog, our intern Barbora Volkova discusses the new Franco-German proposal regarding the Kosovo-Serbia disputes. She analyses what this initiative entails and what relevance it may have for the accession negotiations within the European Union.

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TISKOVÁ ZPRÁVA: Veřejné prohlášení Přátel svobodného Ruska a české občanské společnosti k západním opatřením a sankcím za ruské porušení mezinárodního práva

Institut pro evropskou politiku EUROPEUM se připojil k veřejnému prohlášení Přátel svobodného Ruska a české občanské společnosti k západním opatřením a sankcím za ruské porušení mezinárodního práva a nelegální vpád na ukrajinské území.

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