| Czechs voted Euroscepticism

European Parliament elections have been held in the EU Member States, but they have not shown the change of the course. According to Viktor Daňek, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, the elections did not shake Europe too much, but the future parliament will slightly lean more to the right.

Show more | European Parliament Elections: Forecasts, Threats, Expectations

The elections to the European Parliament, which are taking place place from June 6 to 9, could bring significant changes to the EU's political scene. Polls suggest that there could be a strengthening of right-wing and populist parties, which could weaken current support for Ukraine and bolster Eurosceptic and pro-Russian positions. Martin Vokálek, director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented for the Ukrainian server

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Teď naozaj! | EU elections: Disinformation a euroscepticism

What are the trends in the campaigns for the European elections? What disinformation is circulating in the public space about the European Union? What are the reasons for the strong euroscepticism in the Czech Republic? Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director in the Institute EUROPEUM answered these and other questions in the Czech-Slovak podcast "Teď naozaj!".

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CNN Prima News | Future of Europe after the European Parliament elections

In addition to the usual established parties, there are also recessionary movements running for the European Parliament. We are also seeing an increase in support for national conservative parties or far-right entities. What tendencies are visible on the European political scene today? Is the European Parliament facing a rise in Euroscepticism? And where will Europe go after the forthcoming elections? This and more comments Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute.

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ČT24 | Euroskeptic parties strengthen a month before the European Parliament elections

The European elections are about a month away. Czechs will vote for 21 of the 720 MEPs. This will be the first election since Brexit, the Covid-19 pandemic or the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Turnout is expected to be higher than in the last elections five years ago, with right-wing and Eurosceptic parties strengthening. Žiga Faktor, deputy director and head of EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, described the possible reasons for daily broadcast of Czech TV.

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ČT24 | The rise of the far-right in the EU elections

What are the reasons for the rise of the far-right in the upcoming European elections? Can we say that the far-right still holds anti-European views? What would the agenda of the European Parliament look like if the far-right gained more support? How likely is it that the European People's Party and Liberals would cooperate with the Conservatives? Žiga Faktor, deputy director and head of EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, provided live answers on the program "Předvolební Evropa" on ČT24.

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Události | Why is Euroskepticism and the far-right rising in EU elections?

In the forthcoming European elections, projections suggest that the European People's Party and the Socialists will likely hold their ground. However, a competitive scenario arises for the third spot as liberals confront rising of Eurosceptic and far-right parties. What drives voter behavior towards these political parties? Žiga Faktor, deputy director and head of EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, answered for main evening broadcast Události at Česká televize.

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RevivEU project, carried out by four leading institutions in the V4 countries, looks at the needs, concerns and fears of the V4 citizens in four various EU-related topics. It does so through both quantitative and qualitative research of citizens´ attitudes towards climate change, migration, covid-19 and the rule of law. It also analyses the governmental policies in these four main areas and how the communication of these policies is framed in the public discourse.

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INVITATION | YouthEU: Challenging Euroscepticism Through Educating and Empowering Youth as European Citizens

We would like to invite you to a YouthEU conference on "Challenging Euroscepticism Through Educating and Empowering Youth as European Citizens". The conference will take place on Thursday 23rd of March at 15:00 at the Permanent Representation of Czechia to the EU in Brussels.

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LA LIBRE: Reputedly Eurosceptic, the Czech Republic is trimming its European suit

Our research fellow Žiga Faktor commented for the Belgian daily La Libre on the topic of Czech Euroscepticism. The positive attitude of Václav Havel (the so-called great European) towards Europe was also reflected in the incoming Czech presidency, specifically in the motto "Europe as a task". The motto is inspired by his speech in Cácy in 1996. Despite a positive attitude in the past, according to the latest data from STEM, only 33 % of Czechs have a positive view of the Czech Republic's EU membership.

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