Judy Asks: Is Central Europe Destroying EU Solidarity?

Vladimír Bartovic was one of selected respondents in the latest edition of "Judy Asks" publication series by Carnegie Europe research center.

Judy Dempsey is a nonresident senior associate at Carnegie Europe and in her publication series, "Judy Asks", selected experts answer questions on topics of European foreign and security policy. In the latest edition, our Director Vladimír Bartovic answered following question: Is Central Europe Destroying EU Solidarity?

No - as you cannot destroy something that does not exist.

Central European states are without doubt the winners of European integration. Since their accession to the European Union in 2004, they have witnessed strong economic growth driven mainly by foreign direct investment from other EU member states. Moreover, investment from EU funds has enabled quick development of Central Europe’s poor infrastructure. As a result, the region’s citizens have never had it so good. A huge part of this success was achieved thanks to the solidarity of other EU states.


You can read the full answer by Vladimír Bartovic and others here.

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