ČT24 | Low turnout of Czech voters in European elections

Czechs wield significant power in Brussels, within the European Union, we rank as the ninth most populous country, placing us among the medium-sized nations. Moreover, Czechia is economically strong country. Yet, the turnout of Czech voters in European elections remains traditionally low, not only compared to other elections in the Czech Republic but also on a European scale. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, discussed low turnout and other topics for ČT24.

The voter turnout is very low. In the last elections in 2019, it was 28.2 percent, and five years earlier, it was even 18 percent. Within the European Union, we are therefore at the bottom of the list. In the last elections, only Slovakia had a worse turnout. However, European elections are very important, and citizens should go out to vote and exercise their right because the elected representatives of the European Parliament directly represent the voice of the citizens.

You can listen to the full commentary here from the 7th minute.


Martin Vokálek
Executive Director

Expertise: Economic issues, European security and NATO, war crimes and international law problematic

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