Supporting media freedom in Serbia in relation to the EU accession process

We are delighted to announce the launch of a project focused on support for independent Serbian journalists reporting on Serbia’s EU integration process, its obstacles in the field of democratic governance, and the rule of law and fundamental rights and freedoms, including the freedom of media. The project is supported by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and implemented together with the Centre for Contemporary Politics from Serbia.


The goal of the project is to support independent journalists reporting on Serbia’s EU integration process, focusing on its most significant obstacles - the state of democracy, human rights, including minority rights, and the rule of law. These are the key principles of the democratization process, and therefore an essential part of the country's political and social transformation. The project responds to the deteriorating state of freedom of media in Serbia and the growing restrictions and threats against independent journalists operating in the country. The implementation of the project will strengthen the capacity of independent journalists to report on the accession process and its main obstacles. The project will also facilitate a transfer of the Czech experience in communicating EU-related issues to the general public in an informative and attractive way. The second objective of the project is to raise awareness and provide a better access to objective information on Serbia's EU accession process and the crucial issues which are currently hampering the process, including the critical situation of independent media in Serbia. This endeavour builds on the positive outcomes achieved from an already implemented one-year TRANS project undertaken by EUROPEUM. The implementation of the project will further contribute to the discussion about the Czech foreign policy priorities and the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU in autumn 2022, with EU enlargement and support for regional transformation typically at the forefront of the position.

Activities in the project:

Publication of articles on EWB and republishing in other media (January 2021 – December 2022)

March 2021

  • Filip Lukić: Inter-party dialogue is a test for Serbia’s democratic development within the EU accession process | Međustranački dijalog je test za demokratski razvoj Srbije u procesu pristupanja EU (English, Serbian)

May 2021

  • Stefan Marković: Will the European Parliament help solve the biggest corruption scandals in Serbia? l Hoće li Evropski parlament uticati na rešavanje najvećih afera u Srbiji? (English, Serbian)
  • Marija Stojanović: Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media: The key for media freedom and Inter-Party Dialogue in Serbia I REM kao ključ slobode medija i međustranačkog dijaloga (English, Serbian
Online coordination meeting of the project team (January – February 2021)
Online workshop with Czech journalists and experts for Serbian journalists and CSOs focusing on EU accession process and issues under chapters 23 and 24 (March – May 2021)
Handbook for journalists and CSOs on reporting on EU issues and accession process (June – September 2021)
Online presentation of the handbook at a closed discussion (September – October 2021)
Roundtable in Prague/online on freedom of media, democracy and rule of law in the context of Serbia’s EU accession process (and the prospects of speeding up the process under the upcoming CZ EU PRES in autumn 2022) (November – December 2021)
A 3-day trip to Brussels and meetings/online workshop with EU correspondents and Brussels-based journalists and 5 selected Serbian journalists + 1 CSP coordinator and 1 EUROPEUM coordinator (January – March 2022)
A roundtable discussion in Brussels/online on media freedom and state of democracy in Serbia in the context of the EU accession process – with representatives from EU institutions, think tanks, media etc. (January – March 2022)
Policy paper towards Czech (CZ EU PRES) and EU stakeholders based on the discussions in Brussels (April – June 2022)
Public event in Belgrade/online with presentation of the project and evaluating the progress of Serbia in the EU accession process with regard to rule of law, democracy, fundamental rights etc. (July – September 2022)
Public event in Prague/online presenting the project, outputs and discussing the current state of Serbia’s EU accession and issues under chapters 23 and 24 more generally (October – December 2022)

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Jana Juzová
Research Fellow

Expertise: regionalism, Visegrad cooperation, democratization and European integration of the Western Balkan countries, EU enlargement