Agenda EU v oblasti obchodu: co očekávat v roce 2021?

Ve svém blogovém příspěvku pojednává Tom Baker o agendě EU v oblasti obchodu a o tom, jaký vývoj můžeme očekávat v roce 2021.

The EU will continue to work away at trade agreements currently under negotiation. The EU-China investment deal is proving to be contentious. The EU wants fairer investment conditions in China for European companies, similar to those that Chinese businesses enjoy in Europe. Trade Commissioner Dombrovskis has made clear his intentions to address this “imbalance”. The dividing point is in relation to China’s human rights record with some European politicians believing the EU ought to incorporate some sort of conditionality in the agreement that would force China’s hand to better address this issue. The Deal was completed on December 30 2020 although it remains to be passed in the European Parliament.

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