INVITATION | Serbia’s EU integration process: A long and rocky road

We would like to invite you for a public discussion and screening of a documentary on Serbia’s EU integration process. The debate will take place on Monday 19 December, 15:30 - 17:30; at Impact Hub D10 in Prague.

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RTVS: European Parliament: Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism

Following the Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine, the European Parliament has designated Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. What does this declaration mean in practice and what does it mean for member states? Our Executive Director Martin Vokálek commented on this matter for Slovak RTVS.

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Radio Zet: Druzhba pipeline shutdown

In a news report on Radio Zet, our researcher Michal Hrubý spoke about the shutdown of the Druzhba pipeline and the current situation with the payment of fees that have not been processed due to sanctions. The fees have been paid and supplies should resume in the coming days.

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E15: The Kremlin wants to use gas to break up the European Union. Experts say it will not succeed

Russia's Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been operating at only 20 % capacity since Wednesday. According to Bloomberg, Russia will not restore supplies to full capacity as long as anti-Russian sanctions remain in place. Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented for that with sufficient gas supplies and appropriate savings, we will definitely get through this winter.

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DELO.SI: Prime Minister Fiala's presidency will be hampered by past mistakes

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU begins today. One of the challenges that the Czech Republic will face is the possible extension of sanctions against Russia, for instance in the gas sector. However, the geographical proximity of Ukraine to the Czech Republic should facilitate negotiations on this issue. Žiga Faktor, head of our Brussels office, commented on this topic for the Slovenian online daily DELO.

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BLOG: The Sixth Sanctions Package & the Visegrad Group’s Reliance on Putin’s Gas

Jakub Ferenčík wrote a blog on the current topic: The Sixth Sanctions Package & the Visegrad Group’s Reliance on Putin’s Gas. Russia's aggression in Ukraine has necessitated another package of sanctions, this time in the energy sector. Due to the lack of alternatives for gas supplies, the Visegrad Four countries had a problem with the implementation of the latest sanctions package. In the end, the EU found a consensus and introduced exemptions for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Lidové noviny: The oil imperative - less rubles for war

Our researcher Michal Hrubý wrote an article for Lidové noviny about the impact of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes an import embargo on Russian oil. In his article, he outlined the current situation on the oil market and the position of the majority of the European Union states.

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Studio TA3: The European Union has agreed on a partial ban on Russian oil. How will this affect the Slovak economy?

Our Associate Research Fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková gave an interview for Slovak TV TA3. Zuzana Stuchlíková talks about the process of approving the latest EU sanctions package against Russia and the ban on Russian oil imports. She discusses how the negotiations went, how the exemptions for Central Europe will work, what it means for fuel prices and what will happen next.

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BLOG: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed

Jakub Ferenčík wrote a blog on the topic: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed. In his blog, he writes for example about three reasons why the EU defence strategy has changed or the militarisation of Europe and the future of deterrence.

Show more PDF Europe's disconnection from Russian energy as a signal

Our research fellow Michal Hrubý commented for on the preparation of the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions. Michal Hrubý sees the situation as a clear signal to promote nuclear energy and renewable sources, while the extraction of own raw materials will be inevitable.

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