Deník Referendum: We do not want any empty promises. Climate strikes continue online

Deník referendum reported on a student strike, at which several experts spoke, including our fellow researcher Kateřina Davidová. In her speech, she mentioned the Czech republic's current state in the fulfillment of the climate strategy.

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E15: Brexit and pandemics empower Scottish nationalists. But the new referendum will not happen soon

Vladimír Bartovic commented on the Scottish independence for the E15 daily.

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Deník Referendum: Kateřina Davidová on Europe on the way to zero-emission transport

Kateřina Davidová, research fellow from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, was talking about Europe on the way to zero-emission transport. Who will lag behind?

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INVITATION: EU ± // The implications of the British elections on Brexit

What other implications can UK elections have for the European Union? What is the process of the election campaign, what parties are running and what's their program? What results do experts expect? These and other questions will be answered by leading Czech experts in Great Britain on 11 December at the Prague Creative Center.

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CT24: New Brexit deal in parliament

Our Vít Havelka was a guest of Monday afternoon Studio CT24. The subject of his comment was the new Brexit deal in parliament.

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Commentary: EUCO Meeting in October 2019

EUCO meeting held on October 2019 brought several surprises. Read the comments of our experts regarding the future development of Brexit, EU enlargement or climate change combat. We've gathered answers from Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová, Jana Juzová, Zuzana Stuchlíková, Louis Cox-Brusseau and Martin Michelot.

Show more PDF Mayová se chytá posledního stébla. Přišla se zlomovým návrhem, dojít může i na referendum

Our Vit Havelka answered the questions of a redactor of the server

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Commentary: Special European Council (Art. 50)

Vladimír Bartovic, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Martin Michelot and Vít Havelka present their thoughts on the prospect of a long Brexit extension (April 10).

Show more PDF Macron is heading towards new problems. Even his supporters are sceptical about the referendum proposal

Martin Michelot commented for the plans of Emmanuel Macron to hold a referendum at the same time as the EP elections in May.

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Commentary: EUCO Meeting in December 2018

Vladimír Bartovic, Vít Havelka, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Jana Juzová, Kateřina Davidová, Martin Michelot and Zuzana Stuchlíková react to the EUCO Meeting held in December 2018.

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