Louis Cox-Brusseau
Research Fellow (until December 2019)
Louis Cox-Brusseau was a research fellow at the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy from May until December 2019. Before moving to Prague, Louis was engaged as a Policy Advisor on the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs (AFET) Committee in Brussels, including the Security and Defense and Human Rights subcommittees. During his time in Brussels, Louis was special advisor for budgetary and financial issues in the AFET sphere, as well as covering migration, cyberwarfare, Russia and the Eastern Partnership and foreign direct investment within the EU. Since moving to Prague, Louis has written papers for regional and international journals on areas including Euroscepticism, foreign direct investment, the V4-China relationship, and on post-Brexit scenarios for the EU and UK. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Cambridge and two Master's degrees from Cambridge and King's College London.

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