ČRo Plus: The dispute between Poland and Hungary and the rest of the European Union: The struggle for the rule of law and the budget

Our researcher Vít Havelka was a guest on Sunday's broadcast of Evropa Plus, where he commented on the possible consequences of a dispute between Poland and Hungary and the rest of the European Union concerning the establishment of the EU budget for the rule of law. He also commented on cases in which the proposed legislative act could be applied.

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ČRo Plus: About the vicissitudes that Northern Macedonia must go through in order to become part of a united Europe

Our researcher Jana Juzová was a guest on the Evropa Plus broadcast, where she commented on the complicated relationship between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. She describes today's situation where Bulgaria denies Macedonian identity.

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Info.cz: Another blow to EU unity. Bulgarian "blackmailing" threatens the accession of Northern Macedonia

In her latest commentary, our research fellow Jana Juzová focuses on the recent development of the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans, especially on the Bulgarian rejection of membership talks with Northern Macedonia.

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RTVS: Joe Biden's victory in the US election

The director of our Institute, Vladimír Bartovic, spoke for Slovak Radio and Television RTVS on the topic of relations between the European Union and the United States in the context of the American elections and its winner Joe Biden. According to experts, this choice will improve EU-US relations.

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TA3: How the EU perceives Biden's victory

The director of our Institute, Vladimír Bartovic for Slovak news TA3, commented on Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential election and Biden's approach to the EU. He answers the question of what this choice means specifically for the EU-27 and what changes the European Union can expect in its relations with the United States.

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COMMENTARY: US Elections - The optimistic worst-case scenario

Christian Kvorning Lassen, Deputy Director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, comments on the US presidential election.

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iDnes.cz: Neverending story of Brexit. The time for concluding a deal is running out

The director of our Institute, Vladimir Bartovic, expressed his position on the current Brexit situation for the iDnes.cz and MF DNES servers yesterday. Above all, he commented on whether or not will the United Kingdom be able to conclude a trade deal with the EU by the end of this year.

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ČT24: Negotiations on trade relations between the EU and Britain

The director of our Institute, Vladimír Bartovic, provided a commentary for the ČT24 regarding the negotiation of the terms of trade relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. These negotiations should be concluded by the end of 2020. If this does not happen trade relations will take place under the terms of the World Trade Organization.

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TA3: Summit EU in Brussels

Our associate research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the EU Summit in Brussels, where representatives of member states met to discuss important topics, including future relations with the United Kingdom or the tightening of emission targets for 2030. The commentary summarizes the important points of the summit and the results of the first day of negotiations.

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The European Green Way - the future of the Czech Republic?

Kateřina Davidová from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy wrote a commentary "Green Deal and the Czech Republic" for the publication European Green Road - The Future of the Czech Republic?, published in collaboration with the Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies and the Institute for Christian Democratic politics (IKDP), which focuses on ideas for the Czech Republic on the way to its sustainable future.

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