168 hodin | EU yes, euro no

Czech public is afraid of the European currency and politicians listen to their voters. Businesses are calling for the euro the most. Czech crown is disadvantageous for businesses, they lose millions every year due to the constant conversion between the currencies and expensive loans in crowns. But now they have a strong ally. Czech president Petr Pavel has called for accepting euro, as we once pledged to do, on the anniversary of the Czech accession to the EU. But will it be enough? What is the mood in society? Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, comments on the situation for Czech TV's investigative programme 168 hodin.

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Policy Paper | FROM STICK SHIFT TO SKILL SHIFT? Reskilling of automotive's employees in the eyes of the industry's stakeholders

There is no time to wait in retraining the employees of car manufacturers if we do not want our car industry to fossilize and disappear. Writes Rebeka Hengalová, research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute.

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Novinky.cz | Migration Pact: Non-compliance could lead to fines

The Migration Pact consists of ten legislative proposals that passed the European Parliament last week. They still have to be voted on in the Council of Ministers. Failure to comply with these regulations could lead to lawsuits and heavy fines. Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the Migration Pact for Novinky.cz.

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ČT24 | The role of MEPs in the eyes of Czech citizens

Interest in the European Parliament elections remains low, and increased turnout is not expected this year either. The Czech perception of the European Union is partly shaped by political expressions, influencing a rather eurosceptic public perception. Although Czech MEPs have the potential to contribute significantly within the Parliament, the public has only limited awareness of their work and influence. Speculations about future positions within the ECR faction and possible commissioner positions are still premature. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, opened these topics on the evening broadcast 90’ on ČT24.

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Euractiv | Special EU fund for coal regions looks good but is costly

Establishing a new European fund to support coal regions may be perceived as a positive political step towards affected areas. However, the management of this fund poses challenges, not only in terms of finances but also in terms of personnel and time constraints, which could jeopardize its effective utilization. This conclusion arises from consultations with representatives of public administration and relevant regions and from their analysis conducted by Klára Votavová, member of research team at EUROPEUM.

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Právo | Will a consensus be reached on a European migration pact?

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan attended a meeting on the migration package in Brussels yesterday. Migration policy and the European migration pact is currently one of the most pressing topics in European politics. Our deputy director Viktor Daněk commented on the issue to the daily Právo.

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Deník N | It's a nightmare for Europe, expert assesses the electoral triumph of the Dutch far right

The far-right populist Party for Freedom (PVV) won the Dutch general election. This will not only affect the Netherlands - it will have an impact on the direction of the country itself, but also outline a broader European trend for the upcoming European Parliament elections. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM, explained to Deník N what all this could mean not only for the Dutch, but also for the European Union, migrants, and Ukraine.

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Evropa zblízka | The result of the Granada negotiations: Is the enlargement back on EU's agenda?

The result of the informal meeting of heads of EU states in Granada is adoption of the Granada declaration, which also touches the topic of EU's enlargement. Jana Juzová, a senior researcher at the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the issue on Evropa zblízka podcast.

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Euractiv: Podcast: thanks to the presidency and support of Ukraine, the Czech Republic has incredibly strengthened its reputation in Brussels, says analyst

The Czech Republic presents itself as one of the leaders in aid to Ukraine, which is affected by Russian aggression, and in the second half of last year it held the Presidency of the EU Council, thus taking important decisions. Our editorial team went to Brussels - the centre of EU affairs - to find out whether this is indeed the case. How has the Czech reaction to the war affected the country's position in the EU-27 or its reputation in the eyes of its international partners? Žiga Faktor, head of the EUROPEUM Institute's Brussels office, commented on the following topics.

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Blog | US Midterms: Consequences for the security of Eastern Europe

The recent US midterm elections made headlines around the world. The main issues that voters were interested in were the state of democracy and the rule of law, abortion, the economy and education. Our intern Tomáš Moudrý addressed these topics in his blog. "The most expensive midterms in the US history are over. Republicans gained the House majority with 221 seats and the Democrats retained the Senate with 51 seats. Is this a surprising result? Partly yes, partly no. Firstly, polls and even Republicans were sure about a “Red wave“ that would sweep across the US. Instead, there was a tossup in both Chambers of the Congress. Secondly, the President’s party usually lose the midterms. One can argue that midterms from the incumbent President’s party perspective traditionally have just one major goal – to mitigate losses by the closest possible margin. The Democrats seem to have found a way to deal with this fate, despite Biden's low approval rating."

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