REPORT: Western Balkans in 2020

Our researchers, Žiga Faktor and Jana Juzová, analyse elections in Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro in four policy papers and offer recommendations aimed at strengthening the EU's enlargement policy.

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INVITATION: Western Balkans in 2020: EU Enlargement in Turbulent Times

We would like to invite you to a debate "Western Balkans in 2020: EU Enlargement in Turbulent Times". The event will take place on Friday 27 November between 17:00–18:15 via Zoom and will be broadcasted on Facebook.

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POLICY PAPER: EU membership of the Western Balkan states in times of crisis: From a strategic choice to protracted inertia

Our associate research fellow Marko Stojić in his latest policy paper deals with the Western Balkans' European perspective and the COVID-19 crises' impact on the countries' journey towards EU membership.

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ČRo Plus: About the vicissitudes that Northern Macedonia must go through in order to become part of a united Europe

Our researcher Jana Juzová was a guest on the Evropa Plus broadcast, where she commented on the complicated relationship between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. She describes today's situation where Bulgaria denies Macedonian identity.

Show more Another blow to EU unity. Bulgarian "blackmailing" threatens the accession of Northern Macedonia

In her latest commentary, our research fellow Jana Juzová focuses on the recent development of the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans, especially on the Bulgarian rejection of membership talks with Northern Macedonia.

Show more A thorny road to Europe. Northern Macedonia's bid for EU membership is hampered by another neighborhood dispute

Our researcher Jana Juzová recently published an article on the news portal dealing with the European journey of Northern Macedonia and the problems that this country has faced in recent years. It focuses mainly on the complicated relationship between Northern Macedonia and neighboring Bulgaria.

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Commentary: EU – Western Balkans summit - More reforms, more money

Our Jana Juzová wrote in her commentary about the EU – Western Balkans summit.

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REPORT: EU enlargement during the coronavirus crisis

The panel discussion titled “EU enlargement during the Coronavirus crisis” was organised by the Think Visegrad in Brussels platform and took place on Thursday, April 23rd 2020. Due to the special circumstances related to the Coronavirus pandemic, the debate was held on the online platform Zoom and broadcasted on the Facebook page of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy. The panellists focused on the implications of the COVID-19 health crisis on the EU enlargement policy in Western Balkans.

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EASTERN MONITOR: Western Balkans in the fight against the COVID-19: Another cause for democratic backsliding?

In her latest Eastern Monitor, Jana Juzová examines the fight of western Balkans countries against the COVID-19.

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Invitation: EU enlargement during the coronavirus crisis: Opportunities and threats

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy invites you to the event organised by the Think Visegrad platform in Brussels titled "EU enlargement during the coronavirus crisis: Opportunities and threats". The online event will take place on Thrusday, 23 April.

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