INFO.CZ: Serbia and Kosovo at the same table, but without a result. Instead of a solution, the upcoming agreement brought only more questions

After long negotiations, according to the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, on Saturday, March 18, the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo agreed on the final form of the agreement, which is supposed to ensure the normalization of relations between the two countries. Serbia does not recognize the independence of its former province, and relations have further escalated over the past year and a half over a dispute over the recognition of identity documents and vehicle registration plates issued by the two entities. The heated atmosphere in the war-torn region has attracted enormous attention from the US and the European Union, and both sides have invested significant efforts towards calming the situation and formulating an agreement to prevent similar situations in the future.

Show more EU enlargement: The stalemate could be unblocked by a solution that is beginning to emerge across Europe

Our senior researcher Jana Juzová wrote an article for server about the Brussels summit of EU leaders. In her commentary, she discusses in more detail what topics were on the agenda and whether the question of future EU enlargement was answered.

Show more The tipping point has arrived. The West is losing patience with Serbia, Vucic faces his toughest test yet

Our researcher Jana Juzová commented for on the Serbian elections, which were unusually important this year. The commentary details what made this political contest unbalanced, what the post-election set-up in Serbia looks like at the moment, and what surprises the elections offered.

Show more Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are claiming their place in the European Union. Will there be an Eastern Enlargement 2.0?

The European Union's enlargement policy experienced a shock at the end of February when Russia-attacked Ukraine applied for EU membership. In the following days, Georgia and Moldova - other Eastern European countries with European aspirations and under imminent threat from Moscow - did the same without hesitation. Ukraine's application in particular was met with a very positive reaction from the EU. Our researcher Jana Juzová writes for

Show more The Dayton Agreement is shaking to its foundations. Is Bosnia and Herzegovina facing another war?

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented on the state of the political situation in the Balkans for The initial political crisis is alarming, but it is being overlooked on the international scene, as the world's attention is focused more on the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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INFO.CZ: The invasion of Ukraine cannot pay off for Vladimir Putin

Calm on the Eastern Front. At least at the moment. Our researcher Danielle Piatkiewicz has written an article for INFO.CZ in which she monitors the situation around the Ukrainian border with Russia over the past few weeks. US and European Union officials have warned that a Russian invasion could happen at any moment.

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INFO.CZ: The world is slowly moving towards a carbon-free economy. The Glasgow Climate Conference showed that the EU has strong climate allies

It's no longer if, but how. Kateřina Davidová in a commentary for INFO.CZ describes the results of the climate conference in Glasgow. She evaluated international cooperation and negotiations between the "rich" world and developing countries.

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INFO.CZ: Another disappointment and disillusionment for the Western Balkans. Slovenia summit raises hopes for a breakthrough

In an article for INFO.CZ, our researcher Jana Juzová comments on the events of last Wednesday, when another series of EU and regional summits took place in Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia. In her article, she explains why, despite the high ambitions of organizing Slovenia, the meeting brought rather disappointment and disillusionment and what the final joint declaration contains.

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INFO.CZ: The enlargement of the European Union is becoming a toxic topic. Can the summit of EU and Western Balkan leaders break the crisis?

For Slovenia, the enlargement of the European Union is currently the expected topic of the leaders' summit. The Western Balkans could be enriched by the EU, which is a priority mainly for Slovenia, as well as the Visegrad countries. However, some member States are critical of the expansion of the Union's circles.

Show more Are the days of the free globalized market added up? Von der Leyen calls for a self-sufficient Europe

Our researcher Vít Havelka wrote an article for the server about today's speech by Chairwoman von der Leyen, who gave her second speech to MEPs on the state of the Union, in which, among other things, she further elaborates the concept of strategic autonomy.

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