iRozhlas: The pandemic overshadowed Brexit, negotiations are still stagnating. Britain with EU are dashing into no deal, says expert

Director of our Institute Vladimír Bartovic was interviewed by iRozhlas, where he talks about the still ongoing negotiations between Great Britain and EU.

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TA3: Z. Stuchlíková on ratification of the Brexit deal

On Wednesday evening, MEPs passed the Brexit deal, which will enable Great Britain to leave the EU according to the previous agreement. Slovak TV channel TA3 invited our Zuzana Stuchlíková to its broadcast on this topic.

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ČT24: European Parliament about the Brexit deal

United Kingdom is leaving the EU officially on Friday, 31st of January. What is going to change with this date? How long will it take to negotiate a new trade deal? And what does the European Union lose in Britain's departure? Our research fellow Vít Havelka answered these and many more questions in the Studio ČT24 programme.

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CT24: Brexit and early UK elections

Our Vladimír Bartovic was a guest of Monday afternoon Studio CT24. The subjects of his commentary were early elections in the UK and Brexit.

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INVITATION: EU ± // The implications of the British elections on Brexit

What other implications can UK elections have for the European Union? What is the process of the election campaign, what parties are running and what's their program? What results do experts expect? These and other questions will be answered by leading Czech experts in Great Britain on 11 December at the Prague Creative Center.

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Despite Britain’s efforts to combat climate change at home, its overall climate impact is rising

Our Miňo Urbaník wrote a blog about the climate policy of Great Britain.

Show more Johnson is coming back. The face of botched Brexit scares Brussels, UK's departure will be hard

Our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on the future of Theresa May's withdrawal agreement, and Boris Johnson's candidacy.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: Setting the future relationship with the UK after Brexit

Recommendations for setting the future relationship with the UK after Brexit, based on the roundtable discussion of the National Convention on EU Affairs, are now available. They were prepared by Vít Havelka and Zuzana Kasáková from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy. The discussion took place on 26 April.

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ČRo Plus: Britain is preparing for hard Brexit

On 5 April, Michal Vít was guest in Czech Radio Plus station's broadcast about Brexit.

Show more Britský Kocourkov. Poslanci se drží v šachu, dohodu o brexitu neschválí ani potřetí

Vít Havelka talked with about the brexit deadlock situation and the position of the European union.

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