Hospodářské Noviny: The Czech Republic should get almost 20 billion euro from the recovery budget. Babiš doesn't agree with the distribution

Our Vít Havelka for Hospodářské Noviny on the negative attitude of the Czech Prime Minister towards the recovery budget introduced by European Commission.

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Seznam Zprávy: European Commission introduced new recovery plan

Our Vít Havelka for Seznam Zprávy on the European Commission's introduction of the new financial framework, which should help with the economical recovery after the pandemic.

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Talking Europe(um) – podcast about Europe and the EU

Talking Europe(um) is a podcast which comments on current issues in the European Union. List of episodes, as well as information about where you can listen to the podcast, is in the article. The podcast is prepared by Žiga Faktor from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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EU MONITOR: Czechs and the Post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

In his latest EU monitor, Vít Havelka examines the attitude of the general Czech public towards the new EU Multiannual Financial Framework.

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Prague Climate Talks 2020 – debates about climate change

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Prague Climate Talks project – a platform for high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change. The project will again host a series of debates with experts, professionals from varying relevant fields and the general public.

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Aktuálně.cz: Babiš wants billions of euros from Brussels for construction of highways. Demands as from 80's, EU responds

Aktuálně.cz cited work of our researcher Vít Havelka in its article about the attitude of Czech Prime Minister Babiš towards EU budget.

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ČT24: Vladimír Bartovic about European Union's budget summit

Countries of European Union couldn't come up with the new EU's budget even after two days of negotiations. Even after changes in the first draft, representatives of 27 countries didn't agree on the final form of EU's budget, for years 2021–2027. Director of our institute commented on this issue in the interview for the ČT24.

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Radiožurnál: Vladimír Bartovic on negotiations at the Special EU Summit on the shape of the next budget

The first day of the extraordinary European Union summit on the shape of the next budget did not bring any agreement. The leaders of the member states came to Brussels with so different demands that it was not even expected. Negotiation continues and may even continue until this weekend. Our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on the summit in an interview.

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TA3: V. Bartovic on the European Union Budget Summit

Representatives of the Member States of the European Union meet on Thursday, February 20 at the Brussels Summit. The main topic of the negotiations is the discussions on the shape of the future common budget of the Union for the years 2021 to 2027. According to the information to date, there is no consensus between countries on the amount of money the budget will contain or exactly what the money will be used for. Comments on the summit by our director Vladimír Bartovic.

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ČRo Plus: Vít Havelka about the new EU budget for 2021–2027

Vít Havelka, research fellow from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, was talking about the new Charles Michel's (President of the European Council) budget proposal for European Union for years 2021–2027.

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